About Husky Heaven Rescue
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About Husky Heaven Rescue

We are a registered NPC and currently have 60 rescues on-site

Beginning… 2014

I started my passion and dream site on the 15th of March 2014 after meeting a long-time friend after 15 years.  She has a plot in Oatlands, Krugersdorp West, and when I told her what I wanted to do she said her site was available.  That is where the Husky Heaven site started.

I have had my first husky for 16 years and because of overfull kennels found the need to start this rescue for this breed.  I did not just want any site,  I wanted space as this is what the breed needs.  I drew my vision on a piece of paper and it mostly happened as I had drawn it.  16 Enclosures each 10 x 10 meters with a raised log cabin that we built ourselves in each enclosure.  Three big running areas with splash pools in as I did not want the huskies in their enclosures the whole day they needed to run, dig and swim.

Clearing the site which was head height with bushes, trees and grass took 4 of us a month and a half.  Then we bought poles and fencing and my dream slowly started to take shape.  The site was solely funded by my husband and to date, the amount sits on R3 million.

Then… 2019

My best friends gave us a gift we could never imagine our very own property paid for cash and given to the rescue. A lot of work to move from the old site to the new relocating poles fencing and as much as we could use but we did it. We are now going for our 5th year on the new premises.

Everything we do is for our rescues, makes it all so worth it. It was hard hard work but today we are so proud of all the hard work, worry stress and tears.

The compliments we continuously get says it all about Husky Heaven Rescue. Lots of runs, space, green grass a sprayer system to keep huskies and others cool, trees for shade, happy rescues that get time out every day to run and play.


We are a registered NPC  and currently have 60 rescues on-site and a few more at home each with a story of their own.  Mostly the rescues are Huskies but we have a few other breeds and some x breeds that we had to help as they had nowhere to go.  We are in the process of applying for our PBO.

Many of the huskies are strays, abandoned, or surrendered to us.  Some found in very bad shape in the streets.  Our rescues are from all over South Africa. We rehab, steri, vaccinate, microchip, and deworm each rescue that comes into our care.  Home checks are done and strict rehoming with a contract in place.

We have fundraisers on our site as well as organized walks to make people aware of the breed. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.

We offer boarding facilities as well, especially to Huskies as the site is husky-proof.  But also board other breeds.

We recently 2 years ago moved from Krugersdorp to, Laezonia, Centurion as we were Gifted our own property by amazing friends.  Our new site is bigger and better than the previous one with boarding rooms with their own gardens and 24/7 CCTV cams in each boarding enclosure to monitor dogs.

Every dog visits the Blue Hills Veterinary Clinic where they are checked, chipped, dewormed, vaccinated, neutered, or spayed before they are taken to the Husky Heaven Rescue site. The health of these dogs is our priority and these dogs are taken to the vet on a regular basis.  Our operating costs are very high & we are in need of your support.

Programs are implemented to raise awareness about animal cruelty and to teach people how to be responsible and loving pet owners. Schools visit and volunteer for their community service needed.  We also welcome volunteers to give love and help on-site.

We are still in the process of building and bettering our new site, with running areas for the dogs, shade net needed in each enclosure as well as dams and a pool we plan to build in the future.  An agility course needed for stimulation for our rescues is also planned.

Preventing animal cruelty will reduce the pain and suffering of many helpless animals, but we cannot do this alone. The shelter currently receives very limited contributions from the public and sponsorships. We depend on the general public for monetary donations and supplies. We run our rescue very strictly with an open book policy, registered with SARS as a non-profit and tax-exempt organization and our bank statement is available for perusal. Husky Heaven Rescue will welcome any contribution that will assist us to help this lovely breed. The financial contribution can be made directly via EFT into our bank account and your company names as a reference.


Banking details are as follow:

Account Holder:               Husky Heaven Rescue

Bank:                                   Nedbank

Account Type:                   Current account

Account no.                        1080560203

Branch Code:                     198-765


Yours faithfully,

Brenda Meyer

Owner/ Director