Meet The Team
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Meet The Team




In the heart of our rescue, Mossie stands as the furry friend finder and canine connector extraordinaire. His days are a symphony of rescue efforts, ensuring our huskies find their way to loving homes. As our Director, he personally home-checks to guarantee each placement is a match made in heaven. Mossie's heart is always with our rescues, and he's there to visit them when they're at the vet, offering comfort and support. He's the networking guru, expanding our outreach and creating opportunities for our huskies to find their forever families. Mossie's commitment is the cornerstone of Husky Heaven Rescue's success.



Main Carer

Behind every wagging tail and hopeful gaze at Husky Heaven Rescue, there stands Gift, our canine champion and best friend. His daily routine involves more than just feeding and caring; it's a ritual of love and devotion. Gift wears many hats, from health-checking our huskies to chipping their hearts with warmth and security. When guests step into our sanctuary, they're greeted by the warmest of smiles, making them feel at home instantly. And when our huskies find their forever families, it's Gift who ensures their journey is a smooth one, dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't' in the vet books and adoption contracts.




John is more than just a carer; he's a dog's best pal and a habitat hero rolled into one. His day begins with a symphony of food and care, ensuring our huskies are never left wanting. But his talents don't stop there. John is the creative genius behind our huskies' living spaces, crafting enclosures that are more than just shelter; they're havens of comfort and security. With a gentle hand and a keen eye, he pampers our huskies, keeping their coats gleaming and their spirits high. John is the unsung hero of Husky Heaven Rescue, a friend to our furry residents, and a steward of their well-being.




Our resident social butterfly and event extraordinaire. As a volunteer, she's the driving force behind our online presence and in-person gatherings. Jade's days are filled with the buzz of excitement as she helps run our social media accounts, keeping our community engaged and informed. But her role goes beyond the digital realm; she's the event enthusiast who plans and executes unforgettable gatherings to support our cause. With boundless energy and a passion for huskies, Jade makes every event a howling success. Jade takes on general administrative tasks, keeping our organization running smoothly. Her organizational skills and attention to detail are invaluable in maintaining our records, schedules, and correspondence. She also plays a vital role in our day-to-day operations. She handles adoptions, guiding potential husky parents through the process and ensuring that our furry friends find loving forever homes. Her dedication to matching huskies with the perfect families is unmatched. When she's on-site, Jade doesn't hesitate to roll up her sleeves and work directly with the animals. Her love for huskies shines through as she provides them with care, attention, and the affection they need. She's a true hands-on advocate for our cause.




Gradson isn't just a carer; he's a husky's best friend and an enclosure artisan rolled into one. His day begins with love and care, as he ensures our huskies are well-fed and content. But his true talent lies in his ability to create and maintain their living spaces. Gradson's enclosures are more than just shelters; they're works of art designed for comfort and security. With a gentle touch and an eye for detail, he pampers our huskies and makes them feel right at home. Gradson is the unsung hero of Husky Heaven Rescue, a friend to our furry companions, and a master of their well-being.




Madla is a husky's best friend and a cleanup guru rolled into one. His day starts with warm meals and loving care, ensuring our huskies are happy and healthy. But Madla’s talents shine when it comes to maintaining their living spaces. With precision and care, he creates a clean and inviting environment that our huskies are proud to call home Madla is the unsung hero of Husky Heaven Rescue, a friend to our furry companions, and a master of their well-being.